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Vancouver, BC

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2 Full Days For Youth to Learn to Code

CodeCamp is a fun and enriching environment for youth to gain web development skills. Both girls and boys are welcome! This summer, come jam with us over two awesome and action-packed days of coding (for free!)

Discover your passion for coding and showcase your creations by the end of CodeCamp. Dive into the local tech industry at the headquarters of one of the world’s most exciting organizations. Collaborate with like-minded peers and explore a new and exciting world of opportunities. Learn from capable developers and find out what it’s like to be one. Investigate whether a career in coding, programming or web development is right for you and get introduced to a new way of thinking.

“Our policy at Facebook is literally to hire as many talented engineers as we can find. There just aren't enough people who are trained and have these skills today.”

Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook

“Learning to code makes kids feel empowered, creative, and confident. If we want our young women to retain these traits into adulthood, a great option is to expose them to computer programming in their youth.”

Susan Wojcicki, Google

“Learning to code will be a huge booster for your future, no matter what your professional plans may be. Learning to code will also make you extremely cool!”

Max Levchin, PayPal

“Whether your dream is to start a business or to be an astronaut, a background in technology can help - it certainly helped me realize my dreams. We need more of tomorrow's women to learn to code.”

Anousheh Ansari, Prodea Systems

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What's on the Agenda to learn.

The two day camp introduces you to both front-end development (The things you see) and back-end development (The things behind the scenes). The Camp takes place at the offices of one of Vancouver's most famous tech companies - Hootsuite, where you'll get to see what it's like to work at a tech company. On Day 1 you'll learn HTML & CSS and build a personal profile web page. On Day 2 you'll learn Ruby which will bring life to your website. Hungry for more than knowledge? Don’t worry, we will provide you with free food and drinks! We also have awesome prizes to be won, such as: full scholarships grants for CodeCore's Web Application Bootcamps (a $7,500 value), EA Games and a tour of Electronic Arts, swag from Hootsuite, and more. You definitely won't want to miss this rare opportunity!





Fabulous Prizes

We'll be awarding great prizes to attendees
who complete the day's assignments including:

  • Scholarship seat(s) to CodeCore bootcamps
  • Swag from Hootsuite
  • Awesome games from EA & a rare tour!

Why it's good to learn this stuff

Coding enables you to bring ideas to to life. Coding is the literacy of the future. Soon, it will likely be as important as reading, writing and basic arithmetic. Whether building basic websites, starting movements, or developing sophisticated applications, coding make it happen. Learning to code helps people think about solutions to problems in different ways. Coding is the language of developers. Developers and people who can work well with developers are highly sought after in the job market. Who knows where you'll be one day? Maybe you'll work at your favorite web company. Maybe you'll start your own!

“Creating things with your hands, or creating code, creating programs, are just different ways to express creativity.”

Elena Silenok, Clothia

“I think that great programming is not all that dissimilar to great art. Once you start thinking in concepts of programming it makes you a better person.”

Jack Dorsey, Twitter

“Learning to code is useful no matter what your career ambitions are.”

Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post

“We have to educate ourselves in the disciplines where jobs are available and where economic growth is feasible.”

Ashton Kutcher, Actor

Teaching Assistants
The people who make sure everyone gets enough help.

Tam Kbeili
Jay Holtslander
Meredith J Powell
Drew Ogryzek
Rick Graham
Travis Kirton
Brent Vatne
Josh Lamb
Rose Cass
Mirko Suzara
Yushadha Bogoda
Zamina Sunderji
Chris Yammine
Joshua Duval
Jo Fletcher
Paul Ruescher
Jesse Johnston
Ivy Tsai
Chris Bolton
Brian Gracie
James Neufeld
Josh Davies
Greg Moreno
Gabriel Gosselin
Aaron Cheng
Saeed Jahankhani
Lindsey Miller
Florida Elago
Daniel Musekamp
Abrar Musa
Aanikh Kler
Johnson Wong
James Cagalawan
Jason Chow
Israa Njjar
David Baldwin
Delyan Kratunov
Kimberley Chen
Leslie Lo
Hongyi Zhang
Chang Tong Xue
John Moon
Maria Fung
Ronald Ho
Jelena Furundzic
David Dang
Jimmy Fung
Jonathan Marcelino
Jeffrey Fung
Wynne Wang
Sherry Faramarz
Peter Moon
Matthew Kwong

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Dont miss the boat

You can attend Day 1 on it's own or combine both Day 1 and Day 2 for the maximum experience.

Not in Vancouver?

We understand that not everyone has the means to attend in person. You can follow along with us over the internet!